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Building Surveyor - Unauthorised Works Specialist
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Are you ready to make a change?

Council Approval Group is committed to helping our clients turn their property dreams into reality, with our award-winning team of certified town planners, architects and building professionals.

If you would prefer to help, rather than hinder people on their property journey, then this dedicated role will enable you to use your compliance experience to create positive outcomes for everyday Australians.

And, here’s some more of the reasons our team have shared about why they enjoy working for us:

An exciting opportunity awaits…

Don’t apply if…

You don’t want to make a difference… in the lives of everyday Australians who need help in the council approval process.

You don’t want to further your professional development… participate in our weekly professional development, recognised by the Planning Institute of Australia (and others), to sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge of the town planning profession.

You aren’t self-driven…
We believe that the benefits of working for yourself, in your home office with no commuting whilst tapping into the collective wisdom of some of the best building professionals in Australia speak for themselves. But it does require intrinsic motivation. Are you goal driven?

You don’t want to participate in Daily Virtual Meetings….
This unique role allows you to work from home yet daily see and interact with your team of 15+ professionals.

You don’t want to have fun…
We have a lot of fun team reward days that we know you’ll love.

Helpful Ambassadors

“We assisted a family from the country, who were told by a builder that they didn’t need approval to convert their double garage into a granny flat, for their daughter who had become a single parent with two young children.

Then sometime later the neighbour informs council, who then serves notice to show cause. Who do you turn to when you get an order like that? Do you go to a lawyer? No. Do you go to a builder? No. Do you go to council? No, they’ve served the order.

We’ve found that we need to be able to help these people – and are seeking a professional with not only compliance experience, but someone with a motivation to help people in these kinds of situations. And while the solution is rarely simple, in this role you’ll be supported by our team of planners, experienced building professionals and our award-winning architectural practice.

So if you’re looking for a role where you can really feel positive about the work you do, help everyday Australian’s and work from home – then you’ve found it here at Council Approval Group. And if you’re wondering…we got full council approval for the family, and the grandkids are now growing up with their Mum, Grandma and Pa.”


Council Approval Group Co-Founder, PIA Life Fellow & Registered Planner


NSW Building Surveyor – Unauthorised Works Specialist @ Council Approval Group

Permanent Part Time or Full Time (30hrs – 40hrs pw).

Work from home. Zero commute (well after COVID-19 finishes)