What is a Bulky Goods Premises? Definition or Meaning

‘Bulky Goods Premises’ definition: The following definition is taken from the Standard Instrument – Principal Local Environmental Plan. Bulky goods premises means a building or place the principal purpose of which is the sale, hire or display of bulky goods, being goods that are of such size or weight as to require:
(a)  a large area for handling, display or storage, and (b)  direct vehicular access to the site of the building or place by members of the public for the purpose of loading or unloading such goods into or from their vehicles after purchase or hire,
and including goods such as floor and window supplies, furniture, household electrical goods, equestrian supplies and swimming pools, but does not include a building or place used for the sale of foodstuffs or clothing unless their sale is ancillary to the sale or hire or display of bulky goods.