PPA Order Form

“So the Final question is ‘Do you want a hand with it?'

Great, I’ll help you get that setup now for you to save you the time and hassle of having to do the paperwork yourself later.

The first thing we need to do is kick off your job in our system.  We do this with the ‘Secure Your Place  deposit'.  [It’s only $350 today +GST].   This makes it easy to get started, but best of all it makes sure you keep your property’s place in the production queue.  There is more people who want this service than we can physically do as our team is pretty busy at the moment.

You Ok for me to set that up now for you?

Great,  how do I spell your name…

[and talk them through the form]

#1 Slim
$300 +GST
  • Balance $900 +GST in 7 days

    Note: Only for single development types, excluding boarding houses and multi-unit
#2 Standard
$350 +GST
  • Balance $1,050 + GST in 7 Days

    Note: Two development options or Boarding Houses/Multi-Unit, Consideration of SEPPs
# 3 Premium

$400 + GST
Balance $1,200 +GST in 7 days

Note: Three or More Development Options, Detailed DCP Investigation, or Detailed Investigation of SEPPS multi-unit