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Learn from a Jedi
Imagine the professional support you will receive by tapping into our 50 plus years of consecutive town planning experience, 1600+ projects accross over 40 local councils combined with our tech tools at the forefront of our industry.
Help real people. Dont write reports that no one reads. Make a difference in peoples lives. Experience the achievement of being the principal consultant in achieving positive outcomes with local government for real people. 
What dollar value would you place on not having to commute to work?  Work from home whilst earing a salary! Leave the marketing and client invoicing to us so you can do what you love. Welcome 2018.
You will be coupled with a Jedi town planner to learn from. Learn from the best in the town planning industry and have fun allong the way. Max Fragar is one of nine Life Fellows of the Planning Institute of Australia.
What is it like to work with Fragar Planning?
Fragar Planning & Development
We exist for one reason. To achieve council approval to improve the lives of everyday Australians.

Founded in 1996 by one of Australia's most experienced town planners, Max Fragar, we deal with projects across NSW in over 40 local government areas. 

Don't apply if...
You don't have 5+ years experience in town planning in NSW
We're looking for a town planner with most of their experience in development assessment. You may also have other qualifications such as being a building certifier.
You don't want to make a difference...
in the lives of everyday Australians who need help in the council approval process.
You want to work on high rise developments for big developers
Our projects are spread throughout Sydney and NSW. We focus on helping being the principal consultant helping the small person get approval for their dream cafe, medical centre, secondary dwelling, commercial development, eco tourism project or simply maximising the value of their property.
You aren't ready to leave the security blanket of a government job
We believe that the benefits of working for yourself, in your home office with no commuting whilst tapping into the collective wisdom of some of the best local government professionals in Australia speaks for itself. But you do need to have the self-confidence to step out of a government package. You no longer need council's security blanket - if you qualify for this role you already have exceptional skills and knowledge to permit you to step away from government. What you need is lifestyle and knowing that you're making a difference in people's lives.
You don't want to further your professional development
As part of you being part of our team we will pay for your annual Planning Institute of Australia membership and be included in our weekly profesional and personal development workshops.
"We invite you to stop pushing papers and come change the world of everyday Australians.  To be a part of a team with one of only six PIA Life Fellow Certified Practicing Planners in Australia.

  Stop writing reports that no one reads.

We invite you to join with us in taking the time, stress and hassle out of dealing with council for real people."
Colin Fragar, Best Selling Author, General Manger
What's on offer


25 - 38 hrs per week, spread out over 4-5 working days at a schedule based on your preference. 


Remuneration is calculated based on a full-time (38hr) position of $75,000 to $81,000 salary (including Super, before Tax),
calculated on your preferred number of hours per week.

No more commuting:   '... the average Sydney worker now spends more than six weeks per year commuting and transport costs consume 13.6% of average income, or over $22,000 annually for a typical family' - Kyle Loades, NRMA Chairman, May 2017
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How To Apply
Applications close 18 November 2017

1 available position

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"Thanks for your interest in joining our team.

As Steve Jobs once told the CEO of Pepsi, 'When are you going to stop selling sugar water and come with us to change the world?'

Perhaps in a similar way, we hope to provide our team with the platform to change the world... not the whole world, but the world of one client at a time who has no idea where to start with achieving council approval.

Thanks for your interest in working with us.."

Colin B. Fragar
LLB B Bus (dist)
M Prop Dev
General Manager
Meet one of our team you will work with...  John Gilbert
*ps - council recruitment managers do not want you to watch this video.
Fragar Planning & Development