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Learn from a Jedi
Take your career in town planning to the next level. You'll tap into our 50+ years of consecutive town planning experience and get real world - real project - real client interaction.
Experience the achievement of understanding planning law to be able to achieve council approval for clients. Feel the satisfaction of driving past a cafe, child care centre or home that wouldn't happen without your involvement.
Imagine what you would do with the extra time in your life if you had a zero commute? For 6 years our team has had town planners working in home offices. With unmatched online systems you can work from your home office whilst tapping into our collective intellectual capital. Welcome to 2019.
You will be coupled with a senior town planner with at least 10 years experience to learn from. You will also have weekly interactions with our two Jedi Nights of town planning - Max Fragar (one of nine Certified Practicing Planners that are Life Fellows of the PIA) and John Gilbert (ex-assistant General Manager of a Council). 
What is it like to work with Fragar Planning?
Don't apply if...

You don't want to make a difference... in the lives of everyday Australians who need help in the council approval process.

You don't want to further your professional development... we will pay for your annual Planning Institute of Australia membership.  Each week you will participate in our team workshop to sharpen your skills and knowledge in your profession.
You want to work on high rise developments for big developers...
Our projects are spread throughout Sydney and NSW. We focus on being the principal consultant helping the small person get approval for their dream cafe, medical centre, secondary dwelling, commercial development, eco-tourism project or simply maximising the value of their property.
You aren't self-driven...
We believe that the benefits of working for yourself, in your home office with no commuting whilst tapping into the collective wisdom of some of the best planners in Australia speak for themselves. But it does require intrinsic motivation.  Are you goal driven?

You don't want to participate in Daily Virtual Meetings....
This unique role allows you to work from home yet daily see and interact with your team of 10 town planners.

​​​​​You dont want to have fun...
We have a lot of fun team reward days that we know you'll love.

'We invite you to come make a difference in the lives of our clients, to be a part of a team with one of only nine PIA Life Fellow Certified Practicing Planners in Australia.  We invite you to join with us as we change the face of the planning & development industry.' 

Colin Fragar Husband, Proud Dad, Award-winning entrepreneur, Property Educator & Author, Property Developer and CEO with a passion for helping people reach their potential.
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Town Planner @ Fragar Planning & Development


Permanent Part Time (27.5hrs - 35hrs) or Full Time (38hrs).
Work from home

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Closes 14 April 2019
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"Thanks for your interest in joining our team.

As Steve Jobs once told the CEO of Pepsi, 'When are you going to stop selling sugar water and come with us to change the world?'

Perhaps in a similar way, we hope to provide our team with the platform to change the world... not the whole world, but the world of one client at a time who has no idea where to start with achieving council approval.

Thanks for your interest in working with us.."

Colin B. Fragar
LLB B Bus (dist)
M Prop Dev
General Manager
Fragar Planning & Development