5 Key Considerations If You’re Planning A Dual Occupancy Project Home

Are you considering a dual occupancy project for your property?

One style of Dual Occupancy that is very common in Australia, particularly if somebody has gone to a project home builder, is a side-by-side dual occupancy (Duplex).

While it may seem like an enticing option at first, there are several important considerations that you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of going down the project home builder route. 

As an experienced Town Planning firm who’ved helped over 20,000 people on their council approval journey, we want to provide you with the following 5 key considerations regarding project home duplexes to help you make an informed decision.  

1. Limited Customisation:

Dual occupancy project homes offer limited options for customisation. These homes are pre-designed, which means that you may have limited flexibility when it comes to layout, size and architectural features. If you have specific requirements or a unique vision for your property, a project home may not align with your goals.  

2. Lack of Individuality:

One of the drawbacks of dual occupancy project homes is that they often lack individuality and character. Since these homes are replicated across multiple properties, they fail to capture the distinct features that make a property stand out. If you value uniqueness and want your property to reflect your personal style, opting for a project home may not provide the desired level of individuality.

Dual Occ Project

3. Potential Oversupply:

The increasing popularity of dual occupancy project homes has raised concerns about oversupply in certain areas. An oversaturated market can affect the rental potential and resale value of these properties, as tenants and buyers have a broader range of options to choose from. It’s important to consider the demand and supply dynamics in your specific location before committing to a dual occupancy project.  

4. Higher Competition:

Due to the popularity of dual occupancy projects, there is heightened competition among developers for suitable land and development approvals. This increased competition can result in higher costs and potential delays, impacting your overall investment timeline. It’s essential to carefully assess the availability of suitable land and the potential challenges in obtaining necessary approvals before proceeding with a project home.  

5. Missed Potential:

Focusing solely on a dual occupancy project may mean overlooking other development opportunities that could better maximise the potential of your land. It’s important to explore alternative options such as higher-density developments, mixed-use zoning or tailored designs that align with your property’s unique characteristics. By considering different strategies, you can ensure that you achieve the highest and best use of your land while meeting your specific goals and vision.

At Council Approval Group, we understand the importance of careful consideration and strategic planning when it comes to property development. We believe it’s crucial to explore all aspects before committing to a dual occupancy project. 

Our team of experts is here to provide guidance, assess your specific needs, and help you explore alternative development strategies that are tailored to your goals. We are committed to assisting you and ensuring that you make the best decisions for your property.