Are You Looking for Granny Flat Designs in NSW That Will Get Approval?

Are you looking for granny flat designs in NSW that will get approval? If this is the question you’re asking, we can help.

In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares his thoughts granny flat designs and tips for approval.

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So you might have come onto this page looking for granny flat designs in New South Wales that will get council approval. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Granny Flat Designs in NSW that Will Get Approval

Now you can probably goes most places and you’ll get council approval for your granny flat plans. However, the question that I have for you is are they the best plans? And by that, I mean that often there’s things that we can do to push the envelope. If somebody is guaranteeing council approval, usually it means that they’re not going for the highest best use.

They think this is really easy. I’m just going to do the really basic one. I’m just going to make it the smallest possible footprint. And I’m going to make sure that everything perfectly complies so that when I put it into the certifier or to the council, that it it gets through straight away.
But unfortunately, what happens is by aiming low, you get low.

Take the Next Steps

What we do is we specialize as a firm in pushing the envelope. If you have a site that has particular restraints, if you have particular design needs that you need us to incorporate or if you want us to see if there’s maybe something better than a granny flat that we can achieve for you, we’d be happy to do that as well.

Whatever it is, we have an architecture and town planning firm that’s here to help. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

I almost forgo, make sure you grab this special gift Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. There are a bunch of tips and tricks on designs for granny flats in New South Wales in this 40-page guide. Also if you have a specific project in mind and you would like to talk to us about it, please book in a consultation to speak to one of our team.