Beyond COVID-19 – How an Economic Upswing Affects Council Approval

The COVID-19 Pandemic required many businesses and government offices to rethink the way they operate and in the beginning there was a lot of uncertainty, but now we are in an economic upswing. In this video, Max Fragar, our Principal and Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia, shares his thoughts on on the economic upswing following the scare caused by the virus. Click on the “Play” button below to watch now:

Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video… Economic upswing? How does it relate to the council approval process? G’day, I’m Max Fragar from the Council Approval Group.

Looking Beyond COVID-19

Now, we’re watching the upswing. We’re watching people now having time thinking of the future. We’re watching the opportunities that have come out of changes in the way we live. And we’re watching people be positive about the future, rather than fearful of it.
There are so many opportunities, so many changes now coming out of what was generated by the virus problems.

Take Step Forward

So people are starting to make decisions. Some time ago, they were very hesitant because of COVID-19. But it is a great time to take advantage of the new opportunities to relocate your business, to take advantage of the legislative changes and move forward. So if you do have property, and you’re in that situation where we can where you think you want to move forward, just book a consultation. Book a time with one of our experienced local government people and we can help you move forward. All the best for the future.