Simple Guide to the Boarding House Rules

Boarding rooms are becoming increasingly popular with young professionals but developing a boarding house is complex. There a many boarding house rules to consider.

Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, talks about the boarding house rules and how the Council Approval Group team guides clients through them.

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What You Need to Know About Boarding House Rules

G’day, I am Max Fragar, of the Council Approval Group. Small question – what do you need to know about boarding house rules? We have a range of our experts who have become very conversant on the boarding house rules and it’s taken them some time.
It is complex, unfortunately, but the result for doing a boarding house is worth the effort.
There are state rules which apply across the state but, even within those state rules, they can vary from zone to zone and area to area. Then each council tends to have their own boarding house rules. There are national standards, Australian standards related to fire separation and construction standards.

That’s where we start. We look at all of the boarding house rules. Then we need to equate those rules with the site, the zone and the local government area. We can then say whether or not you can do a boarding house there.

After that, we fairly quickly get to a point where we can put all those rules together and you do a bit of a concept. As a result of the process of putting the rules together with a concept, you might say yes we can get 12 boarding rooms on that site. Or maybe you can’t and we start looking at alternatives.

Getting started

So if you’d like to go ahead, it’s a great facility. It’s a great accommodation for doctors, nurses, teachers and police. You’ll find real satisfaction in accommodating them. And I think you’ll have a great life. So if you’d like to move to the next step, give us a call or go to our website and book a consultation.

We’d love to do it. It’s a really valid outcome if we can do it.