Can I Build a Granny Flat or Duplex?

Are you wondering if you can building a granny flat or duplex? Listen to Max Fragar, PIA Life Fellow, share why you should design your own. Click on the “Play” button below to watch now:

Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video… G’day. Can I build a granny flat or duplex? I’m Max Fragar from the Council Approval Group.

Can I build a granny flat or duplex?

Firstly, we need to understand what is a granny flat and what’s a duplex. A granny flat is now called a secondary dwelling under the legislation. A secondary dwelling is of limited size, it must be on the same lot of land as a principal dwelling, and you can’t subdivide the two dwellings. But granny flat is a great thing to do. A duplex, generally, is now defined as dual Occupancy, but they used to be called duplexes when they were joined together. A dual occupancy can be joined or it can be separated. And in most cases, a dual occupancy can be of unlimited size. It’s not limited in size like a granny flat or a secondary dwelling. And generally it can be on its own lot of land. Whether that turns out to be a strata title lot or Torrens title separation, time will tell. So, in many cases, someone’s come to us and said, I want a granny flat or a secondary dwelling. We say yes, we can get that for you but we could also do it as a dual occupancy.
The advantage of the dual occupancy is you can have it bigger and you can have separate title.
You can hold one and you can sell one or you can move on and do another investment. So duplex or dual occupancy is a better way to go.

Take the Next Steps

But sometimes you can only do a granny flat. What we do is work out what’s the best thing to do. So if you’re interested, book a consultation with one of our experienced team, and hopefully we can find a way that’s good for you and take it forward. All the best.