Can I subdivide my land?

“Can I subdivide my land?” It’s a common question from property owners and investors, but it’s the wrong question.

Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, discusses what question you should be asking to maximise the potential of your property.

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Can I subdivide my land?

G’Day, my name is Max Fragar. I’m with the Council Approval Group and I’ve been in this for 53 years.

My son and I used to look at subdivision generally and ask the same common question: Can I subdivide my land?
The real question should be, what are the various options for subdividing land?
If we limit ourselves to the question of can you subdivide the land in the traditional way, which is just, broadacre subdivision or subdividing a block, we don’t know what’s going to happen on the block. We might know there’s going to be a dwelling, but nothing more.

So, quite often subdivision is just straight subdivision. But more and more planners and the council people are more interested in what happens at the end of the day. They want to know what will happen to a site after the subdivision. It is likely to include covenants that stipulate where you can build on the land and what height you can have.

On the other hand, a subdivision might need a minimum of 500 square metres. But you might be able to get a minimum lot size of 300 square metres if you do it a different way. So, sometimes the blocks are undersize and we find a way to subdivide them by doing it as dual occupancy or attached housing.

Take The Next Step

If you’re interested subdivision, just have an open mind. You can contact us on our website or give us a call to book a consultation. After the consultation, if we do a preliminary assessment, we’ll look at the options and we’ll take it forward. All the best.