Can You Build a Granny Flat on a Duplex?

Do you want to know if you can build a granny flat on a duplex? You might be looking for ways to maximise the development potential of your property.

In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, talks what you can do with a granny flat and how Council Approval Group can help.

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So can you build a granny flat on a duplex? My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. So if you’re asking this question, you’ve already come a long way. You probably already either own a duplex or you’re about to purchase a duplex. The answer, sadly, is no you cannot.

Alternatives to a Granny Flat On a Duplex

However, the answer probably depends on a few things. So generally, no a granny flat cannot be built on a duplex because you already have two properties on one title. So a granny flat adding a third property to one title is not going to work.

However, there are some kind of workarounds that we can do for you, but it does depend on your property. For example, if the duplex was subdivided, so you only have one property now on one title, then there may be an opportunity for you to have a granny flat. It will again depend on how that duplex is set up, if there’s enough room, and if the local planning law allows it.
You are probably pushing the envelope a little bit, but that’s what we specialize in.
We help property owners like you to maximize rental return. And you never know maybe there’s something even better we can do than just a granny flat for you.

Take the Next Step

If you are interested in pursuing that, please grab a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval, a magazine which we can mail out to you. Also, I would recommend that you book in for a free consultation with one of our team. So if you were to claim that by going to You’ll be able to book in for a consult with one of our team. We’ll unpack what you’re trying to achieve, really see what the best opportunities are for you, and paint a clear roadmap going forward. We wont answer all of your questions in that consultation, but what it will do is help you to know what the next step is. But for now, your next step is to go to and book in a consultation.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group and I wish you every success.