Can You Extend a Granny Flat?

Do you want to extend a granny flat? Maybe you are looking for extension ideas.

In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, gives advice on granny flat extensions.

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So can you extend a granny flat? You’re looking for granny flat extension ideas. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Considerations to Extend a Granny Flat

Congratulations because if you’re thinking of a granny flat extension, it means you’ve probably already got a granny flat in place. The first most important thing is make sure it’s already got approval.

If you’re looking at extending a use that hasn’t been approved, there’s no way you’re going to get the approval. If that’s your situation, please give us a call. There are some things that we can help you with to get that approval in place for the use of the existing granny flat before we start talking about extending it. Maybe we could even combine the two applications together.

But presuming it does have approval and you want to extend the granny flat, then there’s other things that we need to consider. Are we going to keep it as a granny flat? Or is there a different type of town planning use that would allow you to have a larger footprint? Or are we constrained to the smaller granny flat area?

Take the Next Steps

Whatever your question is, please book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team if you have a specific project.
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My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.