Can You Have a Granny Flat in a Bushfire Zone?

Do you live in a bushfire zone and wondering if you can have a granny flat? In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares his experience with granny flats in a bushfire zone.

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So can you have a granny flat in a bushfire zone? My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. The answer is actually yes because I have one. And so what I wanted to do is to share with you in this video.
It’s a question that often some property owners have. You got a property that’s in a bushfire zone and you want to know if you can get council approval for a granny flat. Well, the answer is yes, but only with qualifications.
It depends very much on what they call the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating or the bushfire index rating. And what I recommend you do, if you don’t have it already, is to grab a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. What it does is it goes through a whole bunch of tips and tricks in here about granny flats.

Don’t Give Up on Your Granny Flat in a Bushfire Zone

And what I would say to those people that are considering a granny flat is to not give up. Because what I think is sad is that people have this dream and then they think that the council approval process is just too complicated.

If I had given up, I would not now own a house with a granny flat in a bushfire zone, which is positively geared, which is just like generating income for my family every single week, week in week out. If I had given up because I thought I was in a bushfire zone and it’s too hard that I wouldn’t have that today.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

And so if you do have a property and you’re serious about really maximizing the rental income or maximizing the property’s potential, please book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team.

So the way that the free consultation process works, if you would like to claim it, is if you go to our website, one of our team members will then call you at the appointed time. And we’ll go through what you’re trying to achieve. We won’t be able to answer detailed questions like what is the the bushfire rating of your property and will I be able to get council approval in that process, but we will look at your property, gather all of the information, and make a logical first step for you. Depending on the outcome of that conversation, we’ll probably recommend what we call a preliminary planning assessment, which really unpacks the rules for you so you can better understand them.

So my encouragement for you is to keep going one and make sure you take actio because so many people don’t take action. They just sit there and watch videos and don’t book in a consultation. So please book in for a consult. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.