Can you subdivide land?

You might have heard about subdivision or seen the results of a subdivision in your area that have you wondering if it is an option for you. Can you subdivide land? How do you know?

Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, discusses how you know if land can be subdivided.

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Can you subdivide land?

So, how do you know if you can subdivide your land? I’m Max Fragar of the Council Approval Group. I’ve been happily in this business for about 53 years. At the Council Approval Group, we really enjoy what we do.

How do I know if I can subdivide my land? I guess the short answer is to get good advice. But it’s not straightforward. There are Council rules and State rules.

There are two levels of council rules that need to be carefully reviewed. The basic rules are located in the council’s local environmental plan. The plan will have basic provisions related to lot sizes. For instance, the minimum lot size might be 450 square metres. After you know the basic provisions, you need to dig deeper.

Digging deeper

Many will find that the basic rules of the local environmental plan will not allow a subdivision and give up. That would be a mistake. Some provisions allow you to depart from the rules. Provisions like those Clause 4.6, which gives parameters for departing from the rules of the plan.

There may be other provisions, as well. Councils and planners, including myself, actually prefer not to just subdivide. We want to be able to see the outcome – what will be built where and how will it look.

For example, if I subdivide a corner block, the council doesn’t know what that house on the side block is going to look like. They don’t know what the streetscape is going to be. They’re more likely to reduce the site area if they can’t see the outcome.

If you go for an integrated proposal, which might be a dual occupancy for two dwellings, you have the opportunity to satisfy the council that you can get parking, private open space and solar access works, etc. Once you’ve satisfied all that, then they’ll let you subdivide a smaller block.

So, there are various ways to do it. Don’t just throw it away if you don’t comply with a minimum lot size requirement. There may be other ways to do it. If you’re interested, go to our website and book a consultation or give us a call. We’ll look at the options for your property and make recommendations.