Case Study:

Detached Dual Occupancy


This project looks at a Detached Dual Occupancy. Generally, a dual occupancy home is defined as two dwellings on one lot. Dwellings in a dual occupancy can be either attached or detached.

Detached dual occupancies refer to two separate homes on the same parcel of land. This project type has become incredibly popular across Australia as homeowners have become savvier when looking into the highest and best use for their land.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as having some spare space, dividing up the land, and building another dwelling. Each Local Government Area stipulates the required planning controls that will ultimately determine if your site is big enough for a Dual Occupancy and what you can and can’t build.

For many, dual occupancies are an exciting opportunity for creating additional value and equity in your land. When done correctly with the help of a Town Planner, dual occupancy’s can significantly improve your return on investment.

This particular project was no different, our client liked the existing dwelling and came to us for advice as to what was possible.

The Solution

Council Approval Group undertook a Preliminary Planning Assessment on the site and uncovered the opportunity to add a Detached Dual Occupancy that the client could either keep or sell at the completion of the project.

One of the biggest advantages of a detached dual occupancy is that there are no common walls which is advantageous for clients who still want the benefits and privacy of a house.

This clever design by our planning team created two, very separate entries for each dwelling. The design also meant that the beauty of the existing house wasn’t compromised by the new adjacent dwelling. Beautiful landscaping surrounds both properties, ensuring each house feels and looks like its own separate property.

These projects are by no means simple, and they require a talented Town Planner to ensure the site is maximised to its full potential whilst still achieving a harmonious balance between the two dwellings.

Our client is now in the lucky position to have two houses that they can either sell, live in, or rent out. This has been achieved through clever planning and having a dedicated team that managed the process from concept to development approval and beyond.

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