Case Study:

Multi Dwelling Development


At Council Approval Group we love helping clients realise the highest and best use for their site. Some clients come to us with a desire to make the most of the land on their site, but they have no idea how to make it happen. Lucky for them, we specialise in uncovering property potential and providing solutions, even when there are multiple constraints at play.

The Challenge

Sites come in all different shapes and sizes. When a site isn’t a standard block, people are often reluctant to consider a development project. Sloping blocks are the perfect example of this. At Council Approval Group we like to think outside of the box, and we see sloping blocks as an opportunity for multiple levels and a diverse and unique use of space and height.

This featured project is a perfect example of that. Our client needed assistance in investigating the development options available to them. They wanted to know if there was the potential for more than one dwelling on their site.

The Solution

Our experienced Town Planners completed a full due diligence on their site through a Preliminary Planning Assessment. This assessment ultimately uncovered the potential for our client to build three dwellings initially, with the opportunity to add a fourth dwelling further down the track if they wanted to, and if their budget allowed. Our Planner investigated the access constraints and liaised with the necessary consultants to ensure the design worked within the limitations of the block.

As you can see by the renders, our Architect and Design team made the most of the sloping block, maximising space and ensuring that each dwelling was set back into the hill so as not to impede the view of the other dwellings. They also ensured each dwelling had adequate and easy access despite the slope of the land.

This multi dwelling development would not have been possible without an experienced Town Planner to navigate the process from concept through to development approval. By uncovering the development potential for our clients, we were able to increase their return on investment from one dwelling, to potentially four. Our clients were thrilled with the outcome and glad they chose us to navigate the council approval process for them.

What people say about working with us...

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"I did quite a bit of research before engaging with Council Approval. I am glad that I went with them as the team was responsive and process was very smooth. I received my feasibility report within expected timelines and was impressed with the detailed research provided therein. I am quite pleased with the outcome and look forward to engaging with the team for next steps of my project. Thank you and keep up the good work." -Ashim Prabhakar
"Being from a non-English speaking background it was particularly important for me to find someone who took the time for me to understand the vision I had for the project. Through every part of the process they are honest, keen and gave good technical knowledge." -Feng Liang

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