Needing Council Approval for an

Apartment or Flat Renovation

Apartment or Flat Renovation

Here Are Some of the Issues You’ll Face…

Apartment or Flat Renovation

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drowning in endless paperwork and compliance, you’re not alone. The planning system is complex and can be frustrating for homeowners.

Putting together an application for an Apartment or Flat Renovation can be extremely hard and tiring and dealing with council can be a nightmare, not to mention the whole process can be very expensive in both time and money. Plus, we’re pretty sure, you have better things to do… That’s where we fit in!

It’s what we do, all day, everyday. With a team of 10+ highly knowledgeable and experienced town planners, property consultants, registered architect and draftsman we’re pretty good at what we do.

What Rules Do I Need to Comply With?

Having worked on hundreds of Apartment or Flat Renovation projects over the past 25 years common compliance rules and questions to consider are


Building envelope – You have fantastic ideas for your Apartment or Flat Renovation to your home, and you want to maximise internal living space by maximising building height. However, your neighbour strongly disagrees even though their new extension is much higher than your proposed extension? How can you deal with this in order to achieve your desired building height while limiting potential impact on your neighbours?


Floor space ratio – Your new home site is in a recently approved subdivision whereby future dwellings on individual lots do not require further council approval as long as you meet the stipulated floor space ratio. You would like a bigger extension. How would you go about getting an approval for a larger dwelling extension on a site that has a set floor space ratio limit?


Extension – You have personally gone to the trouble of notifying your neighbours about your future DA for Apartment or Flat Renovation and your neighbours don’t seem to mind. However, when council publicly notifies your neighbours of the application, they object. Council invites you to respond to those objections, but you are unsure on the best response especially as they are your friendly neighbours?


Heritage items – You would like to extend your home however it is listed as a heritage item. What are the planning rules for extending onto a heritage item? What would you need to provide with your DA? What would be the most appropriate design for the extension that would have least impact?


Stormwater – Your site happens to be located over a council drain, and the survey and stormwater report you provided to council with your DA for the new Apartment or Flat Renovation did not pick this up. Council wants to refuse your DA. How do you address these issues and get the DA back on track to enable a positive determination from council?

Apartment or Flat Renovation

And Here’s How We Can Help…

Apartment or Flat Renovation

We understand that getting to the point of having the right approval for your Apartment or Flat Renovation is not an easy journey. It’s one that needs the best experience the industry has to offer. That’s why we’re here to help… We’d love to make your council approval journey for an Apartment or Flat Renovation simple and as pain free as possible.

We’ve worked on hundreds of Apartment or Flat Renovation projects and have dedicated town planners and designers that specialise in this type of development application.

You can glean from the wisdom we’ve gained from all of our past projects. 25 years of being in the industry and our 50 consecutive years of experience has taught us a few things.

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Just Some of Our 12,689 Projects to Date...


We understand & we have all the answers you need...

Based on our 25 year history, we have a 98% success rate in achieving council approval. Of course this is based on following our proven systems and our 7 step formula. The key? Our Preliminary Planning Assessment, inclusive of your personal Project Strategy Session.

To get that success rate it has only come after helping over 12,000 people. We’ve worked hard to smooth out all the kinks before they appear by carrying out this Preliminary Planning Assessment (PPA) on your property. It works a treat, especially for what it can do for you, the journey of the project and its future.

Want to learn more about a PPA and how to get one? Book a FREE CONSULT

We could make up a fantasied timeframe to wow you, but to be straight up the length of getting an approval is dependent on the project development type, the local council, who examines your application within council, location of the property within the local council and on the property itself, and the list goes on. The approval process will no doubt take longer than you expect because we are dealing with administrative red tape.

But what our team has done has studied the 12,000+ applications we have been involved in and analysed the 300+ flight years of team council approval experience to create a formidable system.

So to answer the question, how long does it take for us to get council approval? The fastest in our industry.

We have over 20 team members lead by our founder Max Fragar with his 50 consecutive years of town planning and council approval knowledge. The team is made up of skilled town planners, property consultants and designers that we have hand picked to work on your project. It turns out that we’ve had over 300 collective years of experience working and dealing with local government councils.

What does this mean for you? One word, streamline. We know how to talk the council lingo, can perceive even predict the ins and outs of those council hoops of fire, and understand the nitty gritty to work tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and their projects.

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Over the last 25 years we’ve been able to perfect our service and systems throughout NSW. And we’re excited to share with you that we’re almost ready to start offering our services to those in other states.

Hold tight, Australia wide coming soon.

Get ready, this could be the best decision you’ll make in the lifetime of your property portfolio.

If you’re looking at a property or already own one and you’re serious about making the property work harder for you, the next step is to book a free 30 minute consultation to speak to one of our property consultants.

In this initial discussion you’ll help us to understand the seriousness of your intent about moving forward with your property plans and to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

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We Make Council Approval as Easy as...

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