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Our Top Tips For You as We Prepare Your Development Application...

Congratulations on taking massive action. Having engaged us to prepare a development application on your behalf, you are now one step closer to achieving your dreams. As we commence this next phase together, our top tips to streamline the DA preparation process are for you to:

  1. Respond quickly to requests for information from our team for input into the development application.
  2. Limit your design revisions to two rounds.
  3. Be patient with the development application preparation process to ensure the documentation is as thorough as possible.

For those high achievers, we also invite you to now read page 31-34 of Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Council Approval.

Once again, congratulations on taking action towards getting your council approval.


We understand & we have all the answers you need...

In our industry there’s a saying,“The time to buy property was yesterday, the second-best time is today”. We often reflect that anything to do with property is never going to be cheaper than it is today. Therefore, indecision costs you and I the most.

Every week we hear of someone saying, “I wish I had found you years ago before we or I (blank)” or “If only I knew you existed before we or I (blank)”. You can imagine what the blanks might be: something to do with money, hassle, or stress. Or, most likely, a combination of or all of the above.

We don’t want this to be your story. The cost of inaction in property investment is real and can result in a huge opportunity cost. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re here to help.

Property in Australia has doubled in value every 7–10 years for the past century. There is no other investment category that comes close when you also take into account the power of leverage. On top of that percentage, we can manufacture even more growth by achieving council approval.

Did you know that achieving an approval can add massive value to a property? It’s like manufacturing your own wealth!

And we’ve got the numbers to back up this claim, because a year or so ago we did a study to find out how much value a council approval really adds to a property. After looking at our 3000+ approvals we’ve achieved for our clients plus what each approval is worth, we worked out that on average a council approval can add over $250,000—yes that’s right, over a quarter of a million dollars—to just one property!

If jumping straight into a development approval seems too big, you could just dip your toes in and find out what is actually allowed on your property. And actually this is what we’d recommend to anyone thinking about getting council approval: doing a preliminary assessment on their property. This service costs just a tiny fraction of the whole project but maximises the chances of approval and confirms that seeking development approval is worth all the effort because you’ve got the best possible chance of getting approval for your property.

A coach or mentor can often take a decade of learning and experience and put it into a day for the benefit of others. That’s certainly what we aim to do with our over 50+ consecutive years of town planning experience.

We eat council applications for breakfast. Since the 1960s our team have been helping people navigate the council approval process. Having completed over 3000+ projects, we are hypersensitive to the nuances of any development application. Our years of experience help predict councils’ next moves and even dodge the unnecessary red tape. They would never admit it but our team have X-ray vision when it comes to seeing straight through councils’ intricacies and the multiple layers of planning law.

The top 5 benefits of using an expert town planner at Council Approval Group:
-We see and create opportunity
-We speak the town planning council lingo
-We advocate for real people, bringing them hope and clarity
-We ask the right answers to get the best results
-We expand your vision and the possibilities of your property

To achieve the best result, and capitalise on our 98% success rate over the past 25 years, there are a few essential things that you need to do to maximise your chance of success:

  • First, engage us to do a Preliminary Planning Assessment (don’t skip this step);
  • Work with our internal design team (if a project comes unstuck it is usually because the plans were prepared by someone who has no council approval experience and is not working closely with a consultant town planner); and
  • Be willing to push through council negativity and follow our recommendations all the way through to the end.

The Australian town planning system is one of the most regulated and restricted systems in the world. Despite our track record being possibly the best in Australia, despite having 12,000 plus projects over 25 years under our belt, we do not guarantee approval.

We suggest that anyone who guarantees a council approval is playing in the infant safe zone. They usually are not in business for more than a year. Clients soon realise that if approval is guaranteed, it means that the consultant is not seeking the best outcome from council, as they play it safe so they keep their paycheque.

What we guarantee is that your project will be given the best possible chance of success for the best possible outcome.

With over 25 years of experience and having helped over 12,000 people, we have a highly refined system that can maximise your success when dealing with council. Our 98% success rate with council is mainly based on our clients taking each and all of the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Free 30min Consultation. Claim your free 30 minute consultation with one of our council approval consultants. The purpose of this consultation is to better understand your project, what you are trying to achieve, and your timeframe for achieving council approval. Our council approval consultant will ask you a variety of questions to assess whether we can help you move forward on your project or whether we can refer you elsewhere. We’ll then make a recommendation based on what our consultant thinks is the best roadmap for you to achieve your goals.
  • Step 2 – Preliminary Planning Assessment (PPA). Engage us to conduct a Preliminary Planning Assessment on your property which includes a detailed Project Strategy with one of our directors and a town planner. Basically, the PPA is the research that will allow us to give you good professional advice.
  • Step 3 – Development Application Preparation (DAP). We prepare and submit your development application to council, and we have an astounding 98% success rate. Preparing your application includes us doing the town planning documentation, architectural plan, drawing, and more.
  • Step 4 – Architectural Plans for Council (APC)
  • Step 5 – Lodgement of Application With Council & Council Concerns Management (CCM) to Council Approval
  • Step 6 – Construction Certificate and Construction Management (where desired)

We offer solutions for the following types of projects (and more)… [list out 30 projects]

Yes. Plans are an integral part of the application and council approval process. Your choice of designer will significantly impact your probability of approval and maximise yield.

It is well known in the council approval industry that “undercooked” plans by an underqualified designer are the first thing the council will attack when judging whether your application is even acceptable to lodge. That’s right, even before your application can begin to be assessed, council’s front-counter staff have the option to turn the application away if they find any deficiencies in your plans.

Saving a few dollars on plans by having them drafted by your “cousin’s mate” is a false economy.

After many years of working with hundreds of designers and all councils, we have hand selected our own in-house architect and design team. When you partner with Council Approval Group you are partnering with an award-winning architect, design team, and town planners.

This means you will increase the turnaround time of your council application and skyrocket your probability of getting approval.

Yes. We are a one-stop shop. With 25 years in the business we have personally curated a select group of professionals capable of pulling off all project types. As we work with these experts regularly, we know they are capable of and passionate about achieving the best result every time.

Further, we have a dedicated manager of consultant services who continually strives to reduce costs for our clients and improve service delivery times.

This means you can spend less time managing your project and get back to doing what you love.

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