What is a Seniors Housing? Definition or Meaning

‘Seniors Housing’ definition:

The following definition is taken from the Standard Instrument – Principal Local Environmental Plan. Seniors Housing means a building or place that is:

(a)  a residential care facility, or
(b)  a hostel within the meaning of clause 12 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004
(c)  a group of self-contained dwellings, or
(d)  a combination of any of the buildings or places referred to in paragraphs (a)–(c),

and that is, or is intended to be, used permanently for:

(e)  seniors or people who have a disability, or

(f)  people who live in the same household with seniors or people who have a disability, or
(g)  staff employed to assist in the administration of the building or place or in the provision of services to persons living in the building or place,

but does not include a hospital. Seniors housing is a type of residential accommodation—see the definition of that term.