What is a Child Care Center? Definition or Meaning

‘Child Care Center’ definition: The following definition is taken from the Standard Instrument – Principal Local Environmental Plan. A child care centre means a building or place used for the supervision and care of children that:
(a)  provides long day care, pre-school care, occasional child care or out-of-school-hours care, and (b)  does not provide overnight accommodation for children other than those related to the owner or operator of the centre,
but does not include:
(c)  a building or place used for home-based child care, or (d)  an out-of-home care service provided by an agency or organisation accredited by the Children’s Guardian, or (e)  a baby-sitting, playgroup or child-minding service that is organised informally by the parents of the children concerned, or (f)  a service provided for fewer than 5 children (disregarding any children who are related to the person providing the service) at the premises at which at least one of the children resides, being a service that is not advertised, or (g)  a regular child-minding service that is provided in connection with a recreational or commercial facility (such as a gymnasium), by or on behalf of the person conducting the facility, to care for children while the children’s parents are using the facility, or (h)  a service that is concerned primarily with the provision of: (i)  lessons or coaching in, or providing for participation in, a cultural, recreational, religious or sporting activity, or (ii)  private tutoring, or (i)  a school, or (j)  a service provided at exempt premises (within the meaning of Chapter 12 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, such as hospitals, but only if the service is established, registered or licensed as part of the institution operating on those premises.