Diverse & Well-Located Homes

An overview of State Government information released 8 December 2023

The NSW Government is proposing changes to the planning rules to help speed up the delivery of a range of different housing types to suit people’s changing lifestyle needs.

Our households are changing, but for a long time we haven’t been building the kind of homes people want. We need more choice of different types of homes in well-located areas within walking distance from transport and close to shops and services.
– NSW Department of Planning  

The State Government reforms will look at a range of opportunities to unlock supply of low-rise housing like Terraces and Dual Occupancies and mid-rise housing of up to 6 storeys in well-located areas. Reforms will contribute to more housing diversity and affordability as well as creating thriving local communities. A fact sheet released on December 8, 2023 provided some further information on the proposed changes:
  • Dual Occupancies will be allowed on all land zoned R2 in NSW
  • Multi-dwelling housing (terraces) on land zoned R2 within station and town centre precincts (these have not been defined) across NSW
  • There will be new standards (controls) for building height, lot size and floor space ratios.  The actual controls have not been released in the Fact Sheet.
  • There will be new pathways to enable subdivision under the development approval pathway for multi-dwelling housing (terraces) and dual occupancies.
The state government proposal will likely go on public exhibition for public feedback in early Decemeber 2023. To view the Diverse & Well-Located Homes Fact Sheet in full, click here. To view the original NSW State Government Media Release in full, click here.