Dual Occupancy Vs Secondary Dwelling Which is Better

If you are considering creating an additional income for your property, you no doubt have heard of a secondary dwelling. But what is a dual occupancy and is it better than a secondary dwelling?

Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, goes through some of the fundamental differences between a Dual Occupancy and a Secondary Dwelling and his thoughts on which is better.

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Dual Occupancy vs secondary dwelling?

My name is Colin Fragar, from Council Approval Group. And this is a question that we explore in detail with our clients every single day of the week.

Often a client comes to us and they say, “I have this property or I’m looking to purchase this property and I want to know can I have a secondary dwelling?” What we then do is consider what the other uses are that are permissible. We say, “well, maybe we should have a Dual Occupancy”. Then the next question inevitably is which is better, a dual occupancy vs a secondary dwelling?”

The difference is in the planning law, and I just wanted to draw a little diagram here to run you through the difference. The primary difference is that the secondary dwelling is usually smaller.

It’s also usually under state law, rather than the local environmental plan. If you’re in New South Wales, depends on the jurisdiction you’re in but the same concepts apply. If you want to talk about your property in-depth about your particular property, please jump on the phone book in a consultation, and we’ll work out a roadmap for you and how the process works. But just if I can, I’ve got to pin down one jurisdiction to illustrate it here.

So which is better?

So a secondary dwelling is typically a smaller property. A dual occupancy though is typically larger and even as large or larger than the existing dwelling. It can be attached so you can join these either with a carport together or they can be detached.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it is easier to get an approval for a secondary dwelling, that you should discount a dual occupancy. The path of least resistance does not take you to your dreams.
If you can get a Dual Occupancy it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth more in my experience.
I’ve done both of my port in my own property investment career. I have done many and I still own the secondary dwellings but I actually prefer the Dual Occupancy for a number of reasons.

And I actually go into these reasons in this little booklet that we put together, this is the ultimate guide to achieving council approval. And it’s got five reasons why Dual Occupancy is better than a secondary dwelling. I won’t go into that now but please grab a guide. It’s complimentary. Put in your mailing address, we’ll send one out to you.

If you do have a site that you’re looking at, should I do a dual occupancy subdivision? Should I do a granny flat, a secondary dwelling, whatever it is that you want to achieve? We would love to be able to talk to you please book in for a consultation with one of our team at the Council Approval Group. We look forward to talking to you then.