Needing Council Approval for a


Dwelling House

Here Are Some of the Issues You’ll Face…

Dwelling House

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drowning in endless paperwork and compliance, you’re not alone. The planning system is complex and can be frustrating for homeowners.

Putting together a development application for a house can be extremely hard and tiring and dealing with council can be a nightmare, not to mention the whole process can be very expensive in both time and money. Plus, we’re pretty sure, you have better things to do… That’s where we fit in!

It’s what we do, all day, everyday. With a team of 10+ highly knowledgeable and experienced town planners, property consultants, registered architect and draftsman we’re pretty good at what we do.

What Rules Do I Need to Comply With?

Having worked on hundreds of houses over the past 25 years common compliance rules and questions to consider are:


Environmental impacts– Environmental impacts such as stormwater drainage, bushfire vulnerability, and steep slopes must be carefully considered.


Building envelope – You have fantastic ideas for your new dwelling or extension to your home, and you want to maximise internal living space by maximising building height. However, your neighbour strongly disagrees even though their house is much higher than your proposal. How can you deal with this in order to achieve your desired outcome while limiting potential impact on your neighbours?


Floor space ratio – Your new home site is in a recently approved subdivision whereby future dwellings on individual lots do not require further council approval as long as you meet the stipulated floor space ratio. You want a bigger house. How would you go about getting an approval for a larger dwelling house on a site which has a set floor space ratio limit?


House extension – You have personally gone to the trouble of notifying your neighbours about your future DA for house extension and your neighbours don’t seem to mind. However, when council publicly notifies your proposed extension, all your neighbours formally object. Council invites you to respond to those objections, but you are not sure on the best response especially as they are your friendly neighbours?


Heritage items – You want to extend your home, however it is listed as a heritage item or falls within a conservation zone. What are the planning rules for extending onto a heritage item? What information would you need to provide with your application? What is the most appropriate design which would cause the least impact?


Stormwater – Your site happens to be located over a council drain; the survey and stormwater report you provided to council with your DA for the new house did not pick this up. Council wants to refuse your DA. How do you address these issues whilst getting the DA back on track to enable a positive determination from council?

Dwelling House

And Here’s How We Can Help…

Dwelling House

We understand that getting to the point of having the right approval for your home is not an easy journey. It’s one that needs the best experience the industry has to offer. That’s why we’re here to help… We’d love to make your council approval journey for a house simple and as pain-free as possible.

We’ve worked on hundreds of house approvals and have dedicated town planners and designers that specialise in this type of development application.

You can glean from the wisdom we’ve gained from all of our past projects. 25 years of being in the industry and our 50 consecutive years of experience have taught us a few things.

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My desire was to take full advantage of my property’s potential. Standing in awe of the mountain of rules that the local council has in place, the BEST THING I did was to phone Council Approval Group… They guided me ALL the way… in a language that I could understand… I would hate to think of the journey without them!

Yuhan Ravoul

Thanks Council Approval Group for getting DA approval from what was a difficult Council. Special thanks to the team who were always there to field the questions and make suggestions on the difficult issues. 

Peter York

The phone discussion was very informative and has really helped me to understand things from a practical point of view 

Arun Kumar, Property Investor

The Council Approval Experts professional work ethic has resulted in a positive outcome for us. Council is now supporting our proposal.

Chris & Barbara Thomasz

The Council Approval Group offer professional and specialised advice tailored to the specific circumstances. We certainly received the outcome we were looking for, without having to take the application to the Land & Environment Court. There is a clear customer service culture and we would recommend The Council Approval Group without hesitation.

Alexis Martin

We liked the look of Council Approval Group after researching many other planning websites. They were very easy and friendly to talk to and understood how to speak to council on our behalf. After only a couple of weeks we were able to get the answers and results from council we were looking for.

Josephine & Paul Attard