Meet Our Award Winning


Giuseppe Calabrese

Giuseppe Calabrese is an internationally acclaimed architect and award-winning designer. He is a registered architect not only in NSW, but in his home country of Italy, where he studied his craft.

Giuseppe’s portfolio conveys in depth knowledge and a high industry standard, and in all of his work he aims to provide sustainable and lasting built environments with the legacy of quality design.

As Senior Architect for Council Approval Group, his work bridges the gap between picturesque and practical and works with clients to create the best design outcome for their needs.

Giuseppe has recently been awarded first prize in the Mars City Design Urban Farming Challenge 2020, receiving international recognition for his concept, which uses Artificial Intelligence to autonomously build zero-waste greenhouses, growing fruits and vegetables to sustain nine Astronauts for up to two years.

Giuseppe is also an experienced violinist and teaches students to have a passion for music in his spare time.