How Do I Convert My Shed Into a Granny Flat?

If you are asking how do I convert my shed into a granny flat then this video has some very important information for you. Please don’t go forward with your project before watching.

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So how do I convert my shed into a granny flat? This is a very important question that you need to get right. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

What Not to Do

I have seen a lot of clients become unstuck, because they’ve done the wrong thing here.
Don’t just think because you’ve got four walls and a roof in the form of a shed that you can then rent it out as a granny flat. It is way more complicated than that this.
The Building Code of Australia needs to be complied with. You need to make sure that you comply with the local government rules. Otherwise, as happens all the time, every single day of the week around Australia, is that Council’s inspect properties because they get tipped off by a neighbor about a shed in the backyard that’s not done properly and there’s someone living in it.

Please, you don’t want to get in that situation because you’ll likely get fined or have to really spend a lot of money to fix it up. The second issue that you’re going to face, if you don’t do things properly, if you don’t get the right approvals in place, is running the risk of an insurance claim. If you have an insurance claim, I should say if there’s a tragedy of the property of fire or an accident, then it’s likely the insurer will not be able to pay you out because they don’t insure for what they call illegality. And that’s basically what it is if you don’t have the right consent.

Can A Shed Convert into a Granny Flat?

This doesn’t mean you can’t get council approval for a shed turned into a granny flat. Certainly we have done it in the past but there are quite a few things we need to get around particularly in the context of the Building Code of Australia and changing its use from this shed into a granny flat.

Get Expert Information

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But my friend, if you are actually serious about a project, if you do have one in mind, or maybe you’ve might have done possibly the wrong thing and you want to get it all cleaned up, then please let us help you to do that. We do work with select clients that are serious about getting things sorted and doing the right things. So if you would like that help, my name is Colin Fragar, please book in for your free consultation.