How do you start a boarding house?

We recommend taking advantage of our free consultation and have a preliminary assessment done to make sure you can do a boarding house before you get started. If you can start a boarding house, we can take you through the development application process.

Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, discusses how to start a boarding house.

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How do you start a boarding house?

G’day, I’m Max Fragar, Council Approval Group.
How do you start a Boarding House? That’s a pretty simple question. The answer is that you need to start with a consultation.
So, you start with a consultation with us. You can book that directly from our website and it’s of no cost. During the consultation, we’ll find out what you want to do, where and in what suburb, and discuss the process. If you want to move forward, then we will do a preliminary assessment related to your site, making sure that the state rules and the council rules are quite with what we see as reasonable and what your dream is.

Preliminary Assessment

Once we’ve done that preliminary assessment, we’ll be in a position to say, look, let’s take it from here. We can then do the full development. It is most unlikely that you’ll do a boarding house without council development consent. The state has made it quite complex, but it’s still a fabulous outcome. It’s a great facility. It’s great young doctors, nurses, police teachers, and millions of people who just want good quality, simple accommodation.

So, give us a call or book a consultation on our website. We’ll have a consultation and if you want to go further, then we’ll steer it through the application process. We’ll draw the plans. We’ll do the statement of effects. We’ll do the dealing with council and make it easy for you. I think you’ll finish up with a very good development that you’ll be proud of and you’ll be very pleased to see those lovely people with somewhere special to live.