How do you subdivide land?

Property owners interested in subdivision might find themselves overwhelmed trying to determine how to do it, but how do you subdivide land? If you call a surveyor or the Council you may get incorrect or incomplete advice. A surveyor may not know IF you can subdivide and Council officers are unlikely to be encouraging.

Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, discusses how do you subdivide land.

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I’m Max Fragar of the Council Approval Group. I’m a Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and I’ve been in business for about 53 years. At the Council Approval Group, we really enjoy helping people.

How do you subdivide land?

There are different ways that you can subdivide a property.

You can do a straight traditional subdivision, but you might not comply with the minimum area. If that is the case, you might do it as a dual occupancy with a subdivision. In the application, you show the authorities how the two houses will look. Under those circumstances, you can quite often subdivide a much smaller lot.

So if you don’t comply with subdivision minimum lot requirements you might be able to do a dual occupancy and then subdivide by complying with the subdivision requirements for dual occupancies.

So in answering the question, how do you subdivide land, there are a number of different options that we look at for a property owner.

There are range of different things you can do and you really need good advice. It’s the best way to go.

Getting advice

If you want to know how do you subdivide land, book a consultation with us.

We’ll have a talk to get to know you and what you want. We’ll probably want to do a preliminary assessment to identify the opportunities for your site. If we can agree on a development proposal that suits you and we think we can do it, then we take the whole process for you forward.

If it turns out to be for a dual occupancy with subdivision, there are going to be house plans, in addition to a proposed subdivision plan. Our architectural practice, Council Approval Group Architects, can do those plans for you.