How to Create Your Own Dual Occupancy Land For Sale

If you are looking for dual occupancy land for sale you may want to reconsider.

Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares how to create your own dual occupancy land for sale.

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If you’re looking for dual occupancy land for sale, don’t do it. What we recommend is that you create your own land, create your own opportunity and your own dual occupancy.

My name is Colin Fragar, CEO of Council Approval Group.

Don’t Pay Retail

If you are looking for dual occupancy land for sale, it is likely that you’re going to purchase retail instead of wholesale.

There are opportunities every single day of the week across Australia to create your own dual occupancy. You don’t need to buy one of a land developer that’s already got a premium site out in the middle of nowhere, because it’s slightly larger and it’s labeled as a dual occupancy land for sale.

What we highly recommend is you look for your own opportunities and create your own economy.

You may not be aware and just forgive me if you already are but I want to run through some of the basics with everybody. So the dual occupancy situation where you’re looking for dual occupancy land for sale is usually an empty site. But what we’re talking about here is usually there’s an existing house on there. And that existing house, we can add an extra dual occupancy onto it. So you effectively save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars, because there’s already a property on there, and you’re purchasing within a higher growth area because you’re not in this land release area.

Seek Expert Advice

Wherever you’re looking across Australia, I would highly recommend you grab your own copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Achieve Council Approval. We’ve put this together for people like you that are looking for dual occupancy land or doing their own property developments, whether it’s dual occupancies or any other type of project.

If you haven’t already as well and if you have got your own property in mind, maybe it’s one that you own or you’re about to purchase. Please give us a call, book in an appointment and ask to speak to one of our consultants. We’ll give you a call at the designated appointment time and run through what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll hear the details about your project. And then what we’ll likely do is recommend a Preliminary Planning Assessment on your property that will go through the highest and best use the best path of approval and what the chances are of approval.

Hopefully that’s being helpful.

We look forward to talking to you again soon. My name is Colin Fragar Council Approval Group.