How to Find the Ultimate Granny Flat and House For Sale

You might be wondering how to find the ultimate granny flat and house for sale. In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares advice for finding a granny flat and house for sale.

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Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video… How to find the ultimate granny flat, and house for sale. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. I’m really going to unpack a lot here for you. I’m going to share my heart and give you my absolute best so you can get that property that you really want.

How to Get a Granny Flat and House

I’d like to actually start out by saying that perhaps the best way to get the ultimate house and granny flat is not to go and buy one. Because they’re already going to price it at the maximum they can sell the property. They are going to work out the rental return, looking at if an investor purchases this they might be able to get this so let me minimize the possible margin that you’ll get and keep as much for myself as the vendor.
So my challenge to you is to have that change in thought, that paradigm shift, and actually let us help you to find a property to build a granny flat on or let us help you to build a granny flat on an existing property that you may have.
So we do this every single day of the week. There’s investors that come to us. They’re just looking for that house and granny flat for sale. Or there are families that need the extra space and we can achieve that for you because we’ve done it ourselves.

Personal Example

And actually I wanted to show you an example of this from my own personal life. This was a property that we were looking at to see if we could get a granny flat on it and it was kind of really interesting. So this is a corner property and we were able to get approval not just for a granny flat, but we upsized it and we went to dual occupancy, which means a larger floor area. But not even just that. We even got it subdivided and we pulled it off amongst all odds.

I’m really happy to say that the difference was hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equity creation. So my challenge to you is if you’re looking for the ultimate way to find a house and a granny flat is not to purchase one but to create one yourself so that you can manufacture that wealth.

Take the Next Step

How do you do it? First, please grab a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. There are a whole bunch of tips and tricks in here. We also go through how to look for the right property, how to get the right advice in terms of what sort of areas you’re looking for, and also some case studies as well, which I think you’ll find really valuable. If you haven’t already got that please go to our website, grab at

If you are serious about moving forward, please book in for a 30 minute free consultation. We want to really understand what you’re trying to achieve. And from that we’ll make a recommendation for your next step forward. If you’re looking to buy something, we can help you to be confident in your purchase, whether you’re buying an auction or you just for a normal market sale. Or if you do have a property that you think you can probably get a granny flat on, maybe by even converting the garage or basement or whatever it is, make sure you get the right approval. Make sure we get the right advice.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. I wish you every success and look forward to talking to you soon.