Introducing Life Fellow & Registered Town Planner...

Max Fragar

Meet Max Fragar

Principal, Life Fellow of PIA & Registered Planner Plus (EIA)

Max Fragar is a town planner who’s experience spans five decades. As one of Australia’s few Life Fellows of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Registered Town Planner Plus (EIA), he is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most experienced and prominent Town Planners.

His recent accreditation of Registered Planner Plus (EIA), is only awarded to certain suitably skilled, qualified and experienced Town Planners who have undertaken and passed the detailed assessment framework. These Town Planners are accredited to make quality assurance declarations for State Significant Projects.

Over the years, Max has helped tens of thousands of people achieve council approval. Max is a ‘can do’ and a ‘make things happen’ kinda guy. His enthusiasm for achieving council approval is contagious.

I don’t know of any other firm our size that has decided to focus on the average Australian property or business owner. With my team, I enjoy pulling a rabbit out of a hat for a client, and then seeing the value it adds to their life.


From the humble residential development to major projects, Max has seen it all over the past 50 years.

  • Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (the highest level within the town planning profession),
  • Registered Planner Plus (EIA)
  • Director of Planning within Local Government (20 years)
  • The principal of Council Approval Group businesses (25 years)

Worth Noting

You’d think after having such an impact on his profession, communities, and clients that Max would be now traveling the world. Most would. But he’s also been doing that for 50 odd years. There are two challenges stop Max retiring: 1) He can’t play golf, and 2) Retirement is about doing what you love and enjoying life – and there is nothing he enjoys more than to help people unleash their dreams through the right council approval.

Just Some of Max Fragar's 30,491 Projects to Date...