New Planning Rules

An overview of State Government new planning rules information released 28 November 2023

We all know housing supply and affordability is one of the greatest issues facing our state.

The NSW Government have recently announced with significant changes to planning laws, designed to fast track low-rise and mid-rise housing.

This may see a number of low and mid-rise buildings now allowed in areas they are currently banned. This will allow for greater construction of well located, low and mid rise homes in the form of townhouses, terraces and small apartment blocks.

Currently individual councils control and enforce their own regulations regarding zoning and what kinds of homes can be built in their area. These outdated regulations haven’t allowed for the increase in homes we desperately need for the next generation.

So what does this mean for you?

The opportunity for many property owners is significant. Previously disallowed small to medium development will now be permissible. Government estimates that 112,000 new homes could be created across the Greater Sydney region, Hunter, Central Coast, and Illawarra- Shoalhaven regions.

Details of the Government’s proposed changes include:

  • Dual occupancies (two separate homes on a single lot), such as duplexes, in all R2 low density residential zones across all of NSW.
  • Terraces, townhouses and two storey apartment blocks near transport hubs and town centre’s in R2 low density residential zones across the Greater Sydney region, Hunter, Central Coast and Illawarra (the Six Cities region).
  • Mid-rise apartment blocks near transport hubs and town centres in R3 medium density zones and appropriate employment zones. This will mean more housing just a short 10-minute walk (800m) from transport hubs, shops and amenities.

The state government proposal will go on public exhibition for public feedback in early Decemeber 2023. To view the NSW State Government Media Release in full, click here.