NGBH (New Generation Boarding House) Explained

You might have heard or seen the acronym, NGBH. It stands for New Generation Boarding House. What does that mean? Max Fragar, our founder, Life Fellow PIA and Registered Planner, explains NGBH and why you should want to invest in one.

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What is NGBH?

G’day, I’m Max Fragar of the Council Approval Group. NGBH is a New Generation Boarding House. The terminology is fairly common now.
It’s basically boarding house rooms, self contained boarding house room, generally up to about 25 square metres plus bathroom.
It’s embedded in what’s called the Affordable Housing state policy.

Why should we have them?

The state government bought in boarding houses to fill in the gap. Councils weren’t encouraging that style of nice, small, pleasant new accommodation for doctors, nurses, and police. All these lovely people that we’re finding want to live in these nice things close to services and close to employment.

In addition to the state policy, there are council rules in the local environmental plan and DCP (development control plan). All of these rules need to be looked at, but it’s a great thing. I think if you do one, you would find in the end, that you’re very pleased to have provided this accommodation for those nice people.

In the long term, you also get continual, very, very lucrative rental returns. So if you want to do it, please go to our website or give us a call to book a consultation. We’ll just take a step at a time. We can do the whole thing – the planning side of it, the dealing with councils and the drawing of plans with you so that you got a dream.

All the best to you.