Get Council Approval for a

Pub, Club or Bar

Pub, Club or Bar

Here Are Some of the Issues You’ll Face…

Pub, Club or Bar

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drowning in endless paperwork and compliance, you’re not alone. The planning system is complex and can be frustrating for business owners.

Putting together any application for a pub, club or bar can be extremely hard and tiring and dealing with council can be a nightmare, not to mention the whole process can be very expensive in both time and money. Plus, we’re pretty sure, you have better things to do… That’s where we fit in!

It’s what we do, all day, everyday. With a team of 10+ highly knowledgeable and experienced town planners, property consultants, registered architect and draftsman we’re pretty good at what we do.

What Rules Do I Need to Comply With?

Having worked on many pub, club and bar projects over the past 25 years common compliance rules and questions to consider are:


Car parking – How will your customers get to you? Will they need to drive? If so, will you have adequate parking? Will you be seen to be placing extra burden on existing infrastructure? How do you know what is adequate? How do you get around the town planning rules?


Physical changes to the building – Does your proposed pub, club or bar require an expansion or fit-out of an existing building and meet fire safety standards? Is it entirely new construction and therefore what are the standards? What advertising signage can I have to promote the venue? Can I have alfresco dining in a beer garden or along the footpath?


Noise generation – Do you have a plan to mitigate noise generated from customers, music or entertainment? Are you in a location where noise could be a nuisance to the neighbourhood and cause on-going issues and potentially cause closure or strict limitations?


Hours of operation – Were you thinking of having late hours? The hours your pub can operate may be limited or cause anti-social behaviour. How do you ensure crime prevention and limit the number of objections and complaints?

Pub, Club or Bar

And Here’s How We Can Help…

Pub, Club or Bar

We understand that getting to the point of having the right approval for your pub is not an easy journey. It’s one that needs the best experience the industry has to offer. That’s why we’re here to help… We’d love to make your council approval journey for a pub simple and as pain-free as possible.

We’ve worked on many pub, club and bars and have dedicated town planners and designers that specialise in this type of development application.

Please note we do not handle restricted premises or adult venues.

You can glean from the wisdom we’ve gained from all of our past projects. 25 years of being in the industry and our 50 consecutive years of experience have taught us a few things.

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Being from a non-English speaking background it was particularly important for me to find someone who took the time for me to understand the vision I had for the project. Through every part of the process they are honest, keen and gave good technical knowledge

Feng Liang, Educator & Investor

I engaged The Council Approval Group to do a feasibility study on a potential project I was considering, the information was very easy to understand. When I had questions, I could speak to someone on the and they took the time to explain it to me without any fuss at all. Will definitely
recommend using!

Spencer Ferreira, Banker and Investor

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