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What is a Trust-Based Sales Consultant?

We are looking for what we call a ‘Trust-Based Sales Consultant’, someone who has sales experience but who has a temperament and value systems based on trust and integrity. You don’t need to have a deep knowledge of property, construction or planning, but you do need to have a deep level of listening skills and empathy for others.


You are less of a ‘hunter’ and more of a ‘farmer’ in terms of nurturing sales relationships. You are very centred and like the idea of using natural languaging to allow the other person to feel comfortable telling you the truth of what’s on their mind.

Your principal role will be receiving inbound enquiries for our town planning and architectural services. This is not a ‘hard-selling’ position. This is a relationship-building position for someone who loves creating relationships over the phone, is laser focused on helping the other person talk about their concerns and who has a natural way of building trust with others.

Are you ready to make a change?

Council Approval Group is committed to helping our clients turn their property dreams into reality, with our award-winning team of certified town planners and architects.

Here’s just some of the reasons our team have shared about why they enjoy working for us:

What is it like to work with us?

Don’t apply if…

You don’t have an interest in property
We assist Australians achieve council approval for their property or business, so ideally we’re looking for someone who has an interest in property.

You don’t want to make a difference
Our team are dedicated to making a positive difference and improve the lives of anyone who we come in contact with. Our drive is to make our clients lives easier by streamlining their council approval process.

Doing it just for the money
We’re looking for someone who is committed to help us revolutionise the Town Planning and Design industry, so we’re looking for someone with an admirable personality and attitude.

Don’t enjoy dealing with people
As the title of the position says, your core role will be strengthening relations with clients. Keeping that open communication with clients will be key, as well as being that initial point of contact for those enquiring about our services.

Don’t want to learn or improve your skills
We are looking for someone that is highly growth driven and enjoys learning. You will be personally mentored by our sales coach, Mr Ari Galper, The World’s #1 Authority on Trust Based Selling.

‘We invite you to come make a difference in the lives of our clients, to be part of a team with one of only nine PIA Life Fellow Registered Planners in Australia.  

We invite you to join us as we change the face of the planning & development industry.’ 



Husband, Proud Dad, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Property Educator & Author, Property Developer and CEO with a passion for helping people reach their potential.


Trust-Based Sales Consultant @ Council Approval Group

Permanent Part Time (24hrs – 30hrs pw).

– Work from home. Zero commute (well after COVID-19 finishes)

– We will supply your own VOIP handset connected into our lines and connect you into our online systems.

– Be personally coached by The World’s #1 Authority on Trust Based Selling, Ari Galper.

– General Base Salary with performance bonuses.