So You’re Looking at Granny Flat and House Designs

Are you looking at granny flat and house designs? In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares some advice on designing a granny flat or house.

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So you’re looking at granny flat and house designs. Here’s what you need to know and some tips and tricks for you. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Now we have done thousands of these. So we literally have a swipe file of just like thousands of these granny flat designs. So we’ve seen a lot and although I can’t share all of those designs with you, I can tell you the process on how to get it.

Choosing a Granny Flat or House Design

First, make sure you grab Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. This is a magazine and it has some tips and tricks in here about planning your granny flat which are really important. And I’d actually even suggest, if you’re at the point now of getting the designs prepared, that you put the brakes on and that you take a step back and just take a deep breath.

Okay, I know it’s really exciting but I would also recommend that you talk to one of our team to work out if a granny flat is the highest and best use. Is there a better development option you might not have thought of such as dual occupancy or maybe we can subdivide it. Just because you might think you can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. We really want to unpack all of the options that are available to you to make sure we look at it in tiny little pieces to make sure there’s no little loopholes that we might have missed. If you go to our website and you book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team, it’s a 30 minute free consult, and we’ll go through what you’re trying to achieve.

Then, after that consult, if you were to engage us to do what we call a preliminary planning assessment, the roadmap that you’re on then is to be able to access the thousands of designs that we’ve already been able to achieve for our clients to really to be able to take the stress out of it for you. If you’re looking for inspiration for your design, if you’re looking for ways to be able to do your granny flat and your house, we can help with that.

Design Tip for a Granny Flat

I just like to show you a few extra little tips because I really want to add value to you today. Okay, so if I switch over here, this is a personal project that I did for myself. This is a stand alone granny flat. It’s a beautiful design and inside there are high quality fixtures and fittings. And that would be a tip for you is to don’t go too cheap on the build. Although there’s certainly prefabricated options available, I actually am a firm believer, now that I’ve done a number of these for myself and am benefiting from the rental return, in going that little bit of extra effort to make it stand out.
People want to downsize but not downgrade.
They don’t necessarily want to live in a in a tin shed. They want to be able to live in something that’s that’s nice to have their friends and family around. So you will be surprised what you can achieve with a builder.

Take the Next Step

Your next step really is to book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team. I do wish you every success as you embark on this journey. Having done a number of them myself. It is just a great way to be able to unburden yourself financially to be able to reach financial security. So if you’re considering the design for your property, also I want to let you know that we have architects and designers which specialize in this in house and we would like to make them available to you. So please book in for a consultation. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.