Subdivision Costs and How to Minimise Them

Subdivision costs can be daunting, especially if you are just starting to do your research and learn about the whole process.

Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares his advice for minimising subdivision costs.

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So the question is, how do you minimize your subdivision costs? My name is Colin Fragar and I’m from the Council Approval Group.

Get Strategic Advice

We’ve done literally thousands of these projects before and my best advice for anybody that is looking to minimise their subdivision costs is to, first of all, make sure you get the right strategic advice. Otherwise, what can happen is that many people, they put together their feasibility for a subdivision cost. They’re looking at what’s the overall cost going to be? But they jump too quickly into that without working out whether they can actually get council approval or not or whether we can depart from minimum lot sizes, use things like dual occupancy subdivision rules, or many other things that we have in our toolkit to be able to maximize your return on investment.

So if you’re looking at what the costs are for a subdivision, make sure you grab a copy of Your Ultimate Guide n Achieving Council Approval. Have a read of that and develop your thoughts a little bit more. Look at the section on subdivision.

Then if you are serious about moving forward with your subdivision make sure that you book an appointment to speak to one of our team by going to

Focus on the Return

But just one final thought on subdivision costs is what’s more important than the costs is of course the return. You’re really looking at the return on your investment.
What’s more important than the costs is of course the return. You’re really looking at the return on your investment.
My experience is that if you can subdivide even a small property with a one into two lot subdivision, you’re literally looking at doubling the return, doubling the value of your property. And often it’s just the approval that you can get.

So sometimes, if you can just get a development approval without actually going through the subdivision certificate, you can actually add hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of value to your property.

So for those people who are contemplating it, I would really encourage you to do it. I have done myself, personally, probably around 10 plus of these sorts of projects. It’s been a huge benefit to me and I know it will be as well for you.

My name is Colin Fragar. I wish you every success. Thanks for watching.