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Are you looking for a town planner in NSW? Are you wondering how to choose one? What should you look for in a town planner?

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Hi, Colin Fragar here from Council Approval Group. So you’re looking for a town planner in NSW.

Guide to Council Approval

I highly recommend that you make a consultation with one of our team. Or at the very least grab a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. This magazine is full of tips and tricks on the council approval process. It provides information about town planning and how it may affect you and your project.

Advantage of Our Team of Town Planners in NSW

Our team has done thousands of projects, and we have over 300 years worth of collective experience with such a large team. With so many projects, what that means is you can leverage off them and move forward with your project with confidence and clarity.
we have over 300 years worth of collective experience with such a large team

Get Started

If you would love to be able to grab one of our complimentary consultations, what I recommend is you go onto our website, you book in for a free consult. Then we’ll talk about what project you have, what you’re after, what your challenges are that you’re facing, what questions you have, and then be able to create a clear roadmap for you going forward.

Something that we’re highly passionate about is being a town planner in NSW and we have 10 plus town planners that we often refer to as a dream team. And we’d love to be able to offer them to you and our services. My name is Colin Fragar. I wish you every success with your project.