Understand the Rules for a Dual Occupancy in Parramatta Council

Dual Occupancy rules in Parramatta Council can differ from other councils in New South Wales. It can be confusing to determine which rules apply to a property.

Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares his advice for doing a dual occupancy in Parramatta.

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If you’re looking to understand the rules related to dual occupancy in Parramatta, I’m here to help you today.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.
Parramatta is certainly a city that is happening. A lot of infrastructure development has happened around the city plus all the redevelopment within the city.
Prices have certainly shot up in the last five years in Parramatta. You’re probably looking at ways to maximize your rental income. Or maybe you want to reduce your financial obligations in terms of your mortgage through your boosted rent. Dual occupancy is a great way to do it.

Dual Occupancy or Granny Flat

I actually congratulate you for getting this far because if you had just looked at a secondary dwelling or a granny flat, your rent return would not be as much. The reason is that dual occupancy is actually a way of increasing your rent return because you’ve got a larger square meterage allowed.

Let me explain. A secondary dwelling or granny flat is usually restricted to 60 square meters. That usually means it’s a two-bedroom granny flat. However, dual occupancy isn’t limited to that, and you can often go to three bedrooms, which obviously made some more money.

Dual Occupancy Rules in Parramatta Council

So what do you need to be aware of in terms of the rules related to Parramatta City Council, whether it’s dual occupancy or any type of development? I would suggest you have a look at this magazine, make sure you grab your own copy of Your Ultimate Guide tp Achieving Council Approval. But really, you’re probably going to need some specific advice about what you’re trying to achieve.

Talk to the Experts

I suggest that you book in for one of the consultations that we have available on our website for an appointment. What we’ll do in that conversation is we’ll work out what you’re trying to achieve. Is it really dual occupancy, you want or are you just happy to work out what the best possible scenario is for your property?

We’ll then have a conversation based around that. We’ll come up with a recommendation which is likely to be a Preliminary Planning Assessment. That assessment will go through the chances of approval plus also what the approval would look like and the quickest possible path to achieve that for you. If you’re ready to go ahead and book your free consultation now.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. Thanks for watching.