What Does a Town Planner Do For Property Owners?

Do you want to know what does a town planner do for property owners? Maybe you are trying to decide if you really need a planner.

In this video, Max Fragar, Principal Planner and PIA Life Fellow, shares what your planner can do for you.

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G’day. What does a planner do for property owners? I’m Max Fragar from the Council Approval Group.

What does the town planner do?

In some sense, a town planner plans towns. In our case, we’ve focused on what they do in the town planning system because the New South Wales, Victorian, and all the systems, the key players in the development approval system are planners.

They coordinate all actions and coordinate all the people involved in formulating a project. It might be they’ve got to work with an architect, which we have. They might have to work with a surveyor. A project might need a traffic engineer. The planner pulls together all components in the project formulation. And the planner then works with the council planner, who assesses the application, and hopefully gets the best result for you.
So you need a town planner that knows the town planning system, that works through all the components of a project and that gets the best result.

Take the Next Steps

So work with a town planner. Don’t try and do it without one because it’s a planner at the Council that will make a decision on a subdivision. It used to be that a surveyor makes a decision, but it’s the planner that makes a decision on a subdivision and on an engineering project. So book a consult with one of our experienced staff and get a planner onboard with you. All the best.