What is a Granny Flat?

If you are wondering what is a granny flat, this video will help you understand what a granny flat is and show you examples.

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So what is a granny flat? My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. Today I want to share with you some photographs of projects that we’ve done. I really want to expand your vision in terms of what’s possible with a granny flat because there’s a few things here that you might love.

Attached Granny Flat

So if I show you a photograph here, this is an example of a granny flat, which you might not have thought of before. This one here is part of an existing residence. So we’ve got the existing residence over here, which is the main part of the dwelling. It’s a three-bedroom that goes down behind and also underneath the granny flat. But on here, where the two open doors are, is a one-bedroom granny flat. Now you’ll notice that this is within an existing structure. So it’s within a built form but that doesn’t have to be existing. It could be one that you build purposely like this one. Or it could be in the basement of a house you’re building or an extension. So a granny flat can be attached. It doesn’t necessarily need to be detached or separate.

Detached or Backyard Style

Okay, another photograph here. This is another granny flat, which is in the backyard. And hopefully, you’ll like this one. I kind of like the architecture of this one. It was purposely designed and the council approval allowed us to then tender out the project to a variety of builders instead of getting locked into just a granny flat provider that just does a certain number of designs. With approvals through granny flat providers, you’re locked into them for the whole project.
This way it allows you to get the approval so you control your own destiny because once you’ve got the approval, guess what? You can go to as many builders as you want for a quote and get the right one that you want for your project.

Get More Information

So whether it’s detached or attached, a granny flat does need to be on the same title. It can’t be separated. It’s not like a dual occupancy which can be subdivided off. A granny flat needs to be on the same title and the principal dwelling. So it does have some disadvantages and is not necessarily my favourite investment type.

If you want to examine this in more detail, please get Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval, which really goes through this in more detail and helps you to understand from a research point of view what you want to try to achieve. However, if you do have a property, you’re tired of sitting on the fence, you’ve done your research, and you’re ready to go, give us a call. What we’ll do is we’ll talk for 30 minutes. In that time, we’ll go through your property, what challenges you’re facing and then work out a clear roadmap for you going forward.

My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. Thanks for watching and I wish you every success.