What is the Difference Between Secondary Dwelling and Dual Occupancy?

Do you know the difference between secondary dwelling and dual occupancy? Is one option better than the other?

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Hi, I’m Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. We’re here to answer your question: what is the difference between a secondary dwelling and a dual occupancy? Great question and I’m going to answer that right now.

So if you’re thinking about what development to put on your property, you’re probably looking at a variety of different options. One of them might be a secondary dwelling and another one might be dual occupancy. You might need to know what’s the difference between the two. What are their pros and cons?

Now I have what I think is a pretty awesome video on this, which is actually on-site where we’ve done a dual occupancy. I go through the reasons why I think a dual occupancy is better than a secondary dwelling and some reasons behind that. I won’t go into it right now, but make sure you do watch that video. I’ll tell you how you can watch it in a moment. However, I want to show you right now what is the difference between a secondary dwelling and a dual occupancy. It’s probably best if I illustrate it on my notepad here. So I’m just going to move over to my screen and show you the difference.

How are Secondary Dwelling and Dual Occupancy Similar?

So they are similar concepts. Dual Occupancy means dual properties on the same property. It means two properties on the same title. Granny Flat or secondary dwelling means that there are two properties on the same title. But they are created often by different pieces of legislation and they have different rules around them.

How are they different?

So here is a principal dwelling with a secondary dwelling, P for principal secondary dwelling. A secondary dwelling is often limited in terms of its floor area. There are certain restrictions that we need to go through and there’s not as much freedom. I don’t like them as much because you get a lower rental return because you’ve got a smaller floor area. I also don’t like them as much as the dual occupancy because with dual occupancy you can you can get a larger floor area and you can often subdivide them into smaller lots which is awesome.

As a development strategy, I discuss dual occupancy in the book Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed and highly recommend you reading if you can get a copy of that. So the advantages of a dual occupancy are many over a secondary dwelling. But it’s probably more of a conversation based on your personal needs, the challenges you’re facing, and the reasons why you came on to this video.

Free Resources For You

So if you would like, I suggest you do two things. First, I would love to offer you a special publication which we’ve produced, which is Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. We go through secondary dwellings, dual occupancies and, actually, in here is a link to the video that I referred to earlier. So that will probably be your first step.

If, however, you just want someone to talk to, you want to move forward, you’re tired of sitting on the fence, you’re tired of researching, you’re ready, and you want to take control of your financial future and your financial destiny, then I invite you to make a consultation with one of our team. We’ll go through it with you for 30 minutes at the appointed time. We will discuss what you’re trying to achieve for your property and what really is there as the next step for you to be able to get on the right track. Then you can leave it to us and you can move forward in doing things that you enjoy doing and get back to doing things you love doing.
…you can leave it to us and you can move forward in doing things that you enjoy doing and get back to doing things you love doing…
My name is Colin Fragar and I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you found some tips helpful and we look forward to seeing you soon.