What to Know Before You Talk to a Town Planner at Council

If you have questions about what you can do on your property you might be tempted to talk to a town planner at council. There are some things to know before you call council.

In this video, Max Fragar, Principal Planner and PIA Life Fellow, shares advice about contacting the council planner.

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What to know before you talk to a town planner at Council? G’day, I’m Max Fragar Council from the Approval Group.

What to know before you talk to Council

I’ve been doing this for about 50 years. It’s very important to know your rights, to know exactly what you want, and also to know what the rules are and what your opportunities are. You need to know those things before you talk to the council.
There’s an old saying that says “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” So the danger is if you’re not informed on your rights, and clarify your ambitions, you can say something to council that jeopardizes the best project.

How We Help With the Town Planner at Council

Therefore, you need an advice before you talk to council. In most cases, it’s best to allow one of our experienced town planning team to talk to the council on your behalf. They know how to bend the rules and how to get the best result. They know how to depart from rules. So my advice is, don’t talk to council until you’ve had good advice. There may be a point where we ask you to talk to the council but not yet. So get a planner on your, team book a consultation, talk to one of our experienced local government planning team and get them out going. We look forward to helping you.