What You Need to Know About Achieving Council Approval – Episode 3

Achieving council approval is something you need to know about if you planning a development project or even just changing the use of a building.

In this 10-episode video series, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares the top ten things to know about achieving council approval.

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Or for those that prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video…

Okay, at the end of a bit of a tea break here. We’re in the studio today talking about achieving council approval. If you haven’t already, make sure you go back and watch the first two videos. My name is Colin Fragar and today, we are talking about things which may blindside you with Council.
They are the blind spots that we see thousands of people make every day of the week and we will make sure that you don’t make those same mistakes.
So in our team at Council Approval Group we have a lot of experience achieving council approval. Some of the common mistakes that we see people make we’ve already talked about. This is actually an awesome magazine, if you haven’t got it already, The Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. It’s available free from our website, so make sure you get a copy. We’ll pop on in the post to you or you can also get an electronic version I believe.

Recap Episode #2

The first two points which we talked about had to do with spending money on plans, on draftsman and architects, without first doing the town planning due diligence. If you’ve got a project in mind, it’s really important that you don’t just start putting pen to paper. Take a step back, have a look at the planning rules, and then decide what your project is going to be. And the third point is kind of similar to that.

Mistake #3: Settling too quickly on a Development Type

The third blind spot people have is settling too quickly on one development type, without fully exploring their development options. Now, we do have a separate publication of case studies. I don’t actually have to hold up here today, but you can get a copy of it.

There’s just lots of examples that we have where people come to us and they’re just so focused on a particular development type. For example, say you want to do a granny flat because you want to have that extra set of income. But what we find is, after a bit of due diligence, that you can do a granny flat but we’re also able to subdivide it for you by doing a dual occupancy subdivision. Another example is when business owners come to us thinking it’s going to be a long hard process of achieving council approval. But we find a loophole so they can start trading immediately.

Get Started Achieving Council Approval

Whatever it is, I highly recommend that you book in an appointment if you are serious about taking action for your financial future in achieving council approval. Book a consult with one of our consultants. They’ll give you a call at the appointed time. And we’ll be able to then have a dialogue with you. We will be able to hear what your questions are and what you’re trying to achieve. And then we’ll be able to work out a clear roadmap for you going forward so that you can have the confidence in not getting blindsided by the council.

My name is Colin Fragar, from the Council Approval Group. I hope you enjoy that and see you in video number four of blind spots that we see people make in achieving council approval.