What You Need to Know About Achieving Council Approval – Episode 9

You need to know about achieving council approval if you’re planning a development project or even just changing the use of a building.

In this 10-episode video series, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, shares the top ten things you need to know to achieve council approval.

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Okay, we want to make sure you’re fully aware of any blind spots that you may get in your council application process. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. We’re going through the list in Your Ultimate Guide To Council Approval to help you achieve council approval. Please make sure you got it from the website if you haven’t got it already.

Mistake #9: Upsetting the Assessing Officer

Number nine is rubbing the assessing officer the wrong way and really upsetting them. So what we’re talking about here is, if we’ve lodged an application with the council and you’ve become what we may call a helicopter applicant, kind of like a helicopter parent. As a helicopter applicant, you kind of swarm them and you just get worried about what’s happening with this. Why I haven’t heard back from them? But it’s only been three days. Or maybe you’re putting pressure on them and you tell them they need to really move this quickly.

There are certainly some gold staff members in there within Council, but for many that have just grown up in the local government environment, they have zero desire to move quickly for you. What you’ve got to realize is that for most Council staff, any hard pressure that you put on them will backfire. They are simply going to, and we’ve seen this and I’ve heard stories about it, just put your application at the bottom of the pile.

I have even heard stories about the council. It’s terrible, but maybe it doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve heard council assisting offices putting applications in the roof. They just kept losing them and you don’t hear back from them for six months. So whatever you do, do not swarm the process. Please leave it to the professionals to contact the council and help you achieve council approval.
We deliberately hire people who used to work for the council. They are the best the cream and we’ve trained them up so they can work for you, represent you, and talk the same language. So you can just sit back, go back to doing what you love.

Get Your Advice for Achieving Council Approval

If you haven’t already, and you’re thinking about getting a development application or anything to do with achieving council approval. Please book in for an appointment to speak to one of our consultants. They’ll be happy to help you. What they’ll do is work out a clear roadmap for you going forward. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.