What You Need to Know About Granny Flats in Australia

Are you planning a granny flat? This video will tell you what you need to know about granny flats in Australia.

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What you need to know about granny flats in Australia. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group. You may have read a copy of Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed. It’s an awesome book. I was part of it. And in that we unpack a lot of the investment tips and tricks about granny flats, about maximizing your rental income, and about really creating a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

And what I would like to do is to really add value to you today and to give you a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval. In here there are a whole bunch of tips and tricks about granny flats in Australia. If you haven’t got that already you can request one on councilapproval.com.au.

Before Doing a Granny Flat in Australia

But I want to be able to add value to you today because we get a lot of questions here and I’m just looking at some of the questions which are coming through. One question is:

What if a granny flat isn’t the highest and best use for my property?

What if we could do something even better than a granny flat? We can certainly help with that and that’s something we specialize in. It’s our bread and butter.

Often, the trouble with granny flats in Australia is they’re usually restricted in floor area. It’s usually quite small. And, often, if we go with a different development type, like a dual occupancy, we can get you a larger footprint, which means more rental income. Or if we really want to focus on a granny flat, there’s different provisions we can use.
Just be careful about going with a general project home builder or somebody who specializes in just granny flat construction, because their job is to build. Our job is to get you the best possible approval.
For example, if we were to focus just on one in the state of New South Wales people might think you can just get a 60 square metre granny flat, but there’s actually ways we can get you a larger granny flat.

Recommendations for the Next Steps

What I recommend you do, no matter where you’re located in Australia, book in a consultation to speak to one of our team at councilapproval.com.au. If you claim that free consult, please come prepared for that discussion and come ready to perhaps have an open mind for us to be able to not only just look into the specific rules for you in what we call our preliminary planning assessment, but also also allow yourself to perhaps dream a little bit. Start thinking, ‘Hey, maybe I could do something better here. Or what if I do get this granny flat? What if I do get it approved.’

Another thing that I would like to share with you just before I close. And that is if you are looking to go down that avenue of a project home builder or a builder that does granny flats in Australia, often they will manage the council approval process for you or the certification process for you. Myself, I like to think I’m a property developer. I’ve done quite a few projects in my life. And with my granny flats, I do this every single time, I get the approval first. Then I go to tender on the project with a builder. I do not do the other way around.

I do not try and get the builder to tender on the project, which includes the council approval process because they will lock you in. They’ll get the approval and then they’ll lock you in fair enough because they’re getting the approval for you. And they think well, I’m going to get the approval for you, so I’m going to build for you.

But what if I was to open your mind up to a world where you could get your own approval for a granny flat in Australia, then you open it up to say 10 different builders to be able to tender on it and you get the lowest cost of construction. That’s my challenge to you.

Hopefully you found that useful. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.