What You Need to Know About Subdivision of Land in NSW

If you are looking for information about the subdivision of land in NSW, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Knowing how to choose the correct approval process and what documentation to provide can be daunting.

In this video, Colin Fragar, our founder and CEO, provides an overview of subdivision of land in NSW.

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What you need to know about subdivision of land in New South Wales. My name is Colin Fragar from Council Approval Group.

Now I’m actually reading today from Your Ultimate Guide To Council Approval. In here, there’s a two page spread about subdivision and really your first steps, if you’re trying to understand how all this connects together.
So what you need to know about subdivision of land in New South Wales is that the stakes are high, and it’s not easy. It is a process that can be daunting. And in fact, it is often messed up.
I mean, everybody knows that you make good money when you subdivide property, but not everybody does it and so what I highly recommend is that you do leave it to the professionals but just wanted to give you a few more tips and tricks today.

Tips Tricks to Subdivision of Land in NSW

So, a subdivision approval has a huge amount of potential to add value to your property portfolio. Just the approval alone is worth good money, even if you don’t end up continuing the process. We need to look at things like:
  • the zoning the minimum lot size,
  • the site’s constraints,
  • some of the environments mapping constraints such as bushfire riparian corridors, and
  • making sure you’ve accommodated for stormwater.
  • We often look for ways to maximise your yield and often the way to do that is to look for other loopholes like subdivision through a dual occupancy process. Or maybe there’s some departures that a town planning firm like ourselves can organize to depart from the minimum lot size.

    What’s Your Next Step?

    So if you’ve got a specific subdivision project you want to do and you really want to know more about subdivision of land in NSW, I highly recommend that you book in for a consultation with one of our team at councilapproval.com.au.

    Thanks for watching and I wish you every success with your project.