Where Can I Find Secondary Dwelling Designs?

Are you looking for secondary dwelling designs? Maybe you are just looking for ideas or maybe you are looking for the best and just haven’t found a design yet that suits your needs.

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Hi, Colin Fragar here from Council Approval Group. Today I want to talk to you about secondary dwelling designs, how to find the best designs and really to work out a solution for you with your secondary dwelling and the plans that you have in place.

Secondary Dwelling Design Tips

So having done thousands of these, there’s a lot of different tips that we can give you. And so the first thing I would like to give you is actually Your Ultimate Guide to Council Approval where we have a whole section here on secondary dwellings. Make sure you grab your copy. It is complimentary and you can get it from our website. Just pop in your details and we’ll send you one.

The next tip is if you’re looking for high-quality secondary dwelling designs you’re looking for ones that are custom-built for your actual site. You don’t want the plans to look like they’ve come from a cookie factory.
High-quality plans have actually been tailor-made for the site.
High-quality plans have actually been tailor-made for the site. They incorporate the solar penetration and the way that the character of the street is. You really want to build something that you’re proud of that will last as a quality rental property for many, many years.

Talk to the Experts

If high quality is what you want, then what I recommend you do is you book in for a consultation to speak to one of our team, because although we can talk about plans on a website and show you different designs, really what it gets down to is your exact property. And we need to start talking about your project and the designs that you have in mind. So what I would do is book a consultation for 30 minutes and we’ll go through it with you. After we’ll understand better what you’re trying to achieve, your property, as well as some of the issues you’ll face, and then we will create a clear roadmap going forward for you and recommend the first step for you.

So my name is Colin Fragar. I look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks for watching.