Why You Should Talk to a Planner Before Buying a Property

Did you know that before buying a property you should consult with a town planner?

In this video, Max Fragar, Principal Planner and PIA Life Fellow, shares why you should consult with a town planner first.

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Why should you talk to a town planner before you buy a property? G’day, I’m Max Fragar from Council Approval Group.
Why should you talk to a town planner? Why should you get advice from a planner before you buy a property? In my opinion, it’s essential.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying an investment property where you want to do a development or whether you’re just buying a property to live in. You need advice from a planner, because it’s the planner that knows the complex systems and can tell you what is the potential of the property.

Why Before Buying a Property?

If you’re buying a property because you think you want another dwelling or a secondary dwelling. It’s the planner that will know whether you’re likely to get that. So so many times, in the initial consultation, people say, Oh, I wish we’d known you before we bought this property.

Get a planner before you buy the property to tell you what the potential is and to tell you what’s the likelihood of what your ambition. Get that advice. Certainly negotiate the purchase, but don’t enter into a fixed contract or commitment until you’ve had advice from a planner on what the potential of that property is to have somewhere for grandma or whatever it might be. So get that planner.

Take the Next Steps

If you’re thinking of purchasing a property, book a consultation with us one of our experienced team and get a planner on board. We can respond fairly urgently if you’re in that purchase process. But I think the planner’s advice in purchasing a property is critical. It’s certainly critical if it’s an investment property and certainly critical if you want to do something different to what’s already there. So book in a consultation. We’d like to help you. All the best.