Working alongside Wrkpod

Ensuring that we can keep our services affordable amongst the current Australian Labour shortage has been paramount for Council Approval Group. We are known as the best in unlocking property potential through the council approval process. To achieve the goals of our organisation and our clients it has meant that together with growing our capabilities within our Australian based team, we have also been working alongside Wrkpod to recruit some of the very best talent from around the world.

We’ve recently hired new team members through Wrkpod, and the entire process has been incredibly seamless. What stood out to us was the importance of having staff in a close-knit environment where they can collaborate and support each other effectively. Wrkpod provides this unique setup, which has been a game-changer.

Wrkpod has been crucial in helping us keep our services affordable and deliver them in a timely and accurate manner. By expanding our team significantly, we’ve been able to overcome the labor shortages in Australia. This has allowed us to grow our business capacity immensely while maintaining the quality and affordability of our services for our clients.

The impact on our clients has been profound. This growth means we can now assist more people in maximising their property value, obtaining necessary approvals, and achieving their dreams. The timely and accurate solutions we provide have made a significant difference in their lives, reducing financial pressure and helping them realise their projects.

The support from Wrkpod goes beyond just recruitment. They have been instrumental in helping us with the onboarding process, providing a central office location, and fostering a supportive work culture. The team at Wrkpod embodies values of ethics and a can-do attitude, making them a true extension of our business.

By working alongside Wrkpod, we have not only expanded our capacity but also improved our ability to take on more clients and deliver exceptional service. Their services ensure that we can provide accurate and timely solutions, which is critical for the success of our clients’ projects.